About Us

The schools of Cordoba was founded in 1416 AH and the first academic year 1416/1417 was the number of students 88 students for the primary stage. Schools have evolved in the second year by opening the middle section and expanded to reach in the current period (primary / intermediate / secondary) and the number of students in the three stages of the academic year 1432 AH / 1433 AH more than (1261 students) in the three stages More


Vision of the school The vision of schools as authentic in education is contemporary in education

Our Mission

إعداد جيل صالح مصلح يعي بتحديات العصر وقادر على الfromافسة واnoبداع والتعلم الذاتى والتفاعل المستمر اnoيجابي مع التقنية الحديثة